Thursday, March 01, 2007

So. I got chatting on the Google Mail chat with Shep from Cliff-A-Go-Go. The conversation turned to reading and I told Shep about my goal to read 10 books this year. He challenged me to read 52 (which is not going to happen, Shep.) I said that perhaps if I cut down my TV time I would get more reading done. Then Shep offered me a challenge:
No TV for a week (whittled down from no TV for a year)
Kate, if you're reading this, take deep steady breaths. I know this is a big shock to you since you are aware of how much time I spend in front of the box.
Here are the rules I must follow for the next week:
1. NO TV shows - not even on DVD - for a whole week
2. I am allowed to watch films at the Cinema or on DVD, but not alone
3. The films can be any films at all - including Porn, if I so desired
4. I am to try to spend time reading during this week
At the end of the week I will tell you how I got on. I may even take pictures of the stuff I did instead of watching telly. I hope to last the whole week.


  1. Wow, that sounds like quite a challenge. I know I'd fail miserably!

    Good luck.

  2. * - It was originally suggested that I have no TV for a whole YEAR!!!! hahahahaahahahahaha!

    So we thought a week should be fine.

  3. i would take the plug off the TV...
    My thing at the moment is not to watch unless there is something worth watching. Our TV tends to just be background that sucks us in, so I'm refusing to watch MTV or VH1, or any programme that I walk into in the middle of.
    May the force be with you - I think you'll unleash a whole lot of stuff by not being sucked into and numbed by other people's input - this is going to stimulate your creativity gland somewhat, I suspect...

  4. Good luck, Tanya. And thanks for adding my banner. I'm adding you to my links now...

  5. Our house was struck by lightning last year and the TV went off for repairs for 2 weeks. At first I flipped out - I am a huge TV junkie! The first 2 days I was bored and went off to my folks to watch stuff, but after that I actually started to enjoy not watching TV. It is actually draining - I felt much more awake and energised! I read and listened to music and spoke to people on the phone (something I usually don't enjoy doing). I was almost upset when the TV came back! Sadly I have now slipped back into my old habits...

  6. Does this mean that I won't be forced to endure another episode of Desperate Housewives ever again??? Shep, I could hug you!!!

  7. Kerry: Well, I'll see how it goes. When I lived in London (100 years ago it seems) I used to have such an active social life and I did so many things that the TV just didn't figure into the equation. It was rare that the ex-husband and I sat down to an evening in front of the box. Until League of Gentlemen came out, that is.

  8. Diesel: Thanks for your support - I'll let you know how that pans out.

    Dori: I am beginning to wonder if TV is addictive.

    Kate: No Desperate Housewives for THIS WEEK ONLY!

  9. Oh my, the TV has suddenly stopped working! No idea how the plug fell off.... Honest :-D

  10. I suggested a TV free week last year in an attempt to spend more quality time with my love who falls asleep in front of the telly. I ended up spending more quality time with myself whilst she slept peacefully next to me without the aid of the telly. I have not suggested it again ;)

  11. Mucho admiration for you Tanya. I don't think that I could do it!

  12. With the crap that's on TV at the moment, I would say it can be done, so come on, you!

    I could happily not watch any programmes (except America's Next Top Model), but I would really really miss the news and music TV (I am addicted to Scuzz and Kerrang... how else am I going to find out about new bands and stuff?).

  13. Good for you, Tanya (and as I catch up on the rest of your blog posts, I'll see how it's going). I've thought for many years that the flickering TV hypnotizes people and sucks the vibrancy from their lives.

    I stay at home all day, by myself (and my kitties), and the TV stays off. In fact, I mentally curse and spit as soon as my husband comes home and turns the dang thing on. I could happily live without it. Completely.