Sunday, March 25, 2007


* TV

* Spending time with people who won't be crying at your funeral

* Bullshit

* Sticking with friendships/jobs/relationships that only make you feel bad

* Wasting energy worrying about the trivial crap

* Allowing fear to win

* Not taking those risks: the rewards are far greater than the fear

* For taking people in your life for grant

* To be wasting all your talents

* Worrying that you don't look like the people in fashion magazines

* Worrying about what other people may think

* Wasting your true potential

* Hiding from the world

* Trying to "fix" people in your life

* Crying over people who never deserved you in the first place



  1. You said it! If only everyone thought, felt and lived their lives this way.

    Everything Ok in the Midlands?

  2. Hallelujah, sister!

    (But can we do it? Ah, there's the rub. Baby steps is the way forward, isn't it? I think I can probably tick four or five of those... not many, but hey, I'm getting there!)

  3. ooh, there are a lot of asterisks in that list of things life's too short for...

    Listen up, T: What with all the planning for our guests on Saturday night, as suspected I didn't get chance to do sunset pics, and I slept too late for sunrise. Sorry. I had intended to do it, too.

  4. Karen: It's a bit misty in the Midlands, but I am sure the sun will shine through.

    Red: Everyone's list is different. I am tired of the spam of life and only I can fix that.

    *: Don't worry about the pic. Life is too short.... and I guess the invite addressed to La Casa Della Lesbica went missing in the post then?