Thursday, October 19, 2006

Something Lighter

I've been a depressing old cow the last few days, haven't I?

Well, here's a lighter story for you. I almost spat coffee out my nose this morning. I turned on the morning news (which I don't often do) and a very cheerful, very blonde presenter reminded all of us viewers out there that there are just 8 weeks' shopping left till Christmas!

Ho ho fucking ho.

The season is upon us.


  1. No, not depressing, old, or a cow. However, the thought that there are only 8 weeks left til Xmas is a bit daunting. One of my coworkers sent around a link to a Christmas Countdown Calendar that reminds us down to the second how much time is left til Christmas. The holidays are the best and worst times of the year. This time around, I'm making a concerted effort not to give in to all the hype.

  2. Time to get that cute Santa outfit out again, petal!

  3. And also, no, you haven't been depressing. We all have shit to go through at times, and if you can't get it out here on your own blog, where the fuck can ya do it? We're here; we read what you write. Sometimes it may be that I, for one, don't necessarily know what I can say to a certain personal post without perhaps sounding like a dork; but I trust that to some extent you are just getting stuff out of your system.

    I just re-read that and realized I sound like a dork. See what I mean?

    Go get the Santa outfit!

    word veri: suxcpgjr, which seems like "Sucks, see, Pig Junior" -- wasn't that a line from Babe?