Friday, October 27, 2006

New Couches and Six Word Stories

First, the six word stories...

Go over to Tastes Like Llama and have a read. And try one yourself.

OH NO! Not the Comfy Chair!!

After waiting over a month for our new couches to arrive, I finally took delivery of them yesterday. They look lovely and they are very comfy too. Sitting in them feels like sitting in a nice warm hug.

Maybe I've just been without a couch too long. The old, tired couches and chairs we had before left our little home at the end of August already. We were left using Kate's old divan bed as a seat until the new couches arrived yesterday. That divan bed was Kate's since she was 11 and once languished upstairs in our cottage as the spare bed. I am surprised she was happy to let it go. Kate is, after all, a bit of a hoarder. *

So, couches are in place and have been claimed by the true rulers of the house: the cats. They have already tested out the comfiness of the seats, and it appears that the couches are a hit with Luce, Tink and Zak aka The Trio of Tabbies.

They think that the couches have been installed as a kind of cat exercise thingy. The plastic, cardboard and bubble wrap that the couches came in were piled in the centre of lounge in a heap. The Trio of Tabbies devised a game in which they leaped from couch to couch and then into the pile of cardboard and bubble wrap. This is most entertaining to watch.

Kate has instructed me to ensure that no cat claws the couches.




The lounge is now a cat playground. The only one of the lot not interested (for now) is Mischa, who has decided she prefers the comfort of the futon in the spare room. And now I get to spread myself out on comfy couches when I watch the telly. When the cats let me.

* Kate still has clothing in her wardrobe from her teens. One of these items is a leather jacket she's had since she was 11 - and it still fits her. In fact, most of her clothing comes from the children's section, most notably boys sizes aged 9-10 for tops and boys sized aged 12-13 for trousers and shorts. And sometimes, these items of clothing still afford her a lot of wiggle room. And we like it when Kate wiggles.


  1. Oooh new couch. I'd love a new couch. My cats LOVE the new chairs that I bought a little while ago (one in each chair) so I have no where to sit. It seems that every piece of furniture in my apartment has been designated "theirs" if only they would pay for them.

  2. Don't you just love how the cats just assume everything you do is for them or about them?

    When I cook dinner they saunter into the kitchen as if to see what I'm slaving over FOR THEM.

    We get new furniture - it has to be FOR THEM.

    Aah well. They're right... ;>

    P.S. I'm a terrible hoarder too - I still have clothes from my teens (and no, they don't still fit!)