Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Some Interesting Lessons I Have Learned in My Life So Far...

(in no particular order)

1. American Marines make THE best margheritas EVER

2. Never let a drunk friend anywhere near your own drink

3. Do not trust the scale. The scale lies.

4. It's good to have a friend somewhere in the world to share champagne cocktails with

5. The pull of family is stronger than the pull of the most powerful magnet

6. All you need is love

7. I am built for comfort, not for speed

8. Don't believe everything in the media

9. You can't change other people - only yourself

10. Ants aren't tasty

11. Playing swordfights and dragonslayers with one's nephew is the best game ever played

12. The more you bend, the more your arse shows

13. Sometimes, as much as you hate to admit it, mother is right

14. You can grieve for somebody before they've died

15. That the human biological clock actually operates on a 25 hour day. Mars has 25 hour days.

16. I CAN be a cartoonist despite what that awful Miss Stone said when I was 11

17. Change is the only constant

18. If I fill my cheeks with water and purse my lips, I can talk like Donald Duck

19. The universal law of cause and effect

20. Humankind goes to work in order to keep catkind in the way it's become accustomed


  1. There's a lot of truth there, for sure, but the truest of them all is Number 20.

    I have just walked past the Red Room to find Cat asleep on my pillow in a state of perfect abandon. He seemed so utterly relaxed, I even managed to restrain myself and not bury my face in his belly. Oh, Cat, teach me how to be so peaceful.

  2. I think I may have put something up like this in the past. But yes. Cats. Love 'em.

  3. I was just thinking the same thing as Red! Do all cat-owned humans rub their faces on their cats bellies? There's just something so inviting about that spot. Plus, a purr and a headbutt will make the worst day ever simple disappear.

    Great list Tanya! Except for the American marine comment, you've obviously never been drinking in hometown's military rugby there's a group that makes a great drink, and great people to drink with.

  4. Karen: I should have specified. American Marines in Herziliya, Israel.

  5. Ok, you didn't mention LOCATION! You win on that one!

  6. Number 18 is just too funny.

    I knew a Marine once, never got around to making any drinks with him though. ;)