Monday, October 02, 2006

Lesbian Movie Review

What do you get when you mix teenage first love angst with young lesbian lovers? Apparently, a movie called Lost and Delirious. Now, if you have been following this blog at all, you will know that Kate and I are still searching for a decent lesbian flick (as in movie you dirty bastards). This means: good story, good scripting and good acting. Usually, none of these are present.

Out of some of the sapphic disasters we've sat through, this one is quite good by comparison. Note: by comparison.

There is actually something of a story line and the acting is a lot better than the last piece of junk we got, which we switched off halfway through. (Three of Hearts now stands in second place on our list of Worst Ever Lesbian Films Ever Made.)

The plot of Lost and Delirious is fairly simple and is set in a private boarding school and narrated by a character, Mary, played by a young Mischa Barton.

Paulie and Victoria share a room and are madly in love. However, after being discovered in bed together by Victoria's little sister, Vic decides to break off with Paulie and walk the straight and narrow. She dates a guy and slates her girl. It can only end in disaster - and it does. Paulie, distraught at losing her lover, eventually leaps off a tall building, but unlike the Super One, does not go on to save the world.

There is some wordy dialogue and a few scenes that made me think, "OH god, here we go..." but it was generally ok.

Would I recommend it? No. So far there are very few gay films I WOULD recommend. You can visit this previous post to find out what I do think is good.

So... my new scoring system is:

Entertainment value: 5/10
Storyline: 4/10
Acting: 5/10 (you can tell the young Mischa will go places and it is no small wonder you don't actually see much of the other two)
Will I recommend this to a friend? Not really. If someone gives it to you, watch it if you want, but you won't be missing anything if you don't. Don't bother wasting money on it, though.

TOTAL: 14/30


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Being something of a movie whore, I'll watch most anything, so it's good to know what the duff films are in any genre. Bound immediately sprung to mind when I read about your difficulty in finding good gay & lesbian films, not that it's SO great, but it's all right. Boys Don't Cry was very good, and I didn't mind Brokeback. You should also check out Mysterious Skin. And, not really gay cinema as such, but The Laramie Project is worth seeing, too, even though it is rather depressing.

  2. Seen Bound several times already. No, it's not so great, but I liked the cinematography more than anything else. Boys Don't Cry is good, I agree. Not sure I would class it as a gay movie - more as a trans movie? Brokeback was good. And I'll add the other two to our viewing list. I should do a Tanya's Guide at some point.

  3. I so totally agree - we watched a movie (Love & Suicide) at the weekend that was terrible too!

    Look out for High Art and When night is falling - as a worthy contenders to your upcoming list.