Thursday, July 06, 2006


I love my friend Ralph. I love his no bullshit, take no prisoners attitude and his what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality.

Recently, he published a lengthy rant on his blog. I thought his rant was so provocative, I have decided to link it. Read Ralph's rant here.

Kate's updated her own blog after a few months' absence. But she isn't ranting. You can read Kate's Blog here.

Inspired by Ralph and in honour of his rant (which is by far stronger and more eloquent than my own), I herewith submit my rant:

I have issues with:

Badly written gay flicks. Why are the majority of gay and lesbian movies so rubbish? Why are so many badly scripted, with a plot that has so many holes it could be Swiss cheese? And why is the acting in so many of these flicks so substandard that I've seen better character portrayal in porn? I'll write my own.

Advertising for baking our brains with lies and illusions

Doctors who discriminate against fat people and assume that the only reason you're in their office is to ask you for a diet plan

People who think I am not worth talking to because my beliefs aren't mainstream or Christian or safe enough for them. I'll think what I want and I won't try to force my beliefs on you.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons (no offence to the one ex-Mormon I know!) who think they can convert you on your own doorstep. I have made my own decisions independently. If I wanted to know more about you, I would have asked. Leave me alone.

People who don't know me and insist on calling me "Tan". If you knew me at all, you would know I hate being called "Tan"

People who say "I know you" , referring to some superior knowledge they may have regarding my character, when clearly, they do not. The very fact that you preceed your assessment with those words means that you don't know me at all.

Paedophiles and rapists. I think these individuals should be handed over to the families and partners of their victims for their punishment. No holds barred.

Aversion therapy. If someone's gay, they're gay! Leave them alone! Torturing them with strategically placed electrical impulses and the threat of burning in Hell for all eternity is not going to make anyone feel good about anything anymore. Fuckwits.

Lying bastard politicians who want us to believe that war is the best solution to everything and then decide to "rebrand" their war. Rebrand? What the fuck do you need to rebrand a war for? It's not a fricken product you need to market! Oh... I see... but it is.... you want to sell the idea to the masses. Fuck advertising for baking our brains with lies and illusion.

Fake people, narrow-mindedness and racists and idiots who cannot see a world that exists beyond themselves

Telemarketing. If I want double glazing, I'll go looking for it, please do not phone me and tell me I want it.

The guy who tried to sell me "female cancer" insurance over the phone. If I wanted to discuss my cervix with anyone, it wouldn't be with a total stranger. Fuck off.

There you go!


  1. Awesome rant! I've known people that would say "I know you" and they had no clue! I also hate people trying to convert people. Isn't it funny how they always have the "right" religion. Well, how do they know, huh? And maybe it isn't "right" for me. I'll have to go check out your links too. :)

  2. Godless Ralphie's great Fuckyou rant really got me laughing.
    Thanks for sharing, I wanted to comment to him but I can't be bothered to join another blog site.
    That would be something in my own rant:
    I hate it when you have to "register" just to make a comment or ask a question.
    I appreciate your rant, Tanya, you were able to articulate for me, some of what I feel.
    I realise that I am not a gifted ranter. I just get so stumped at ignorant behaviour that I become speechless (dumbfounded) and can only manage a confused head-shaking.

  3. WooHoo! Awesome rant! I'm with you on all counts. I have a little "no preaching" sign for my door, meant to discourage the Sunday morning convert-a-thon.

    That said, if I'm not too hungover and the house isn't too much of a mess, I will, on occasion, invite the preachers in. I give them a chance to speak their piece, then I make them listen to me go on about how awesome it is to be Pagan. I'm very polite, just like they are, but they usually leave as soon as possible. They also don't come back. I'm thinking it might be something I said. ;)

    Great rant. You rock, Tanya. :)

  4. Wow! Thanks for the cool comments, and to Tanya for putting the link up. hahah Cheers! A friend actually read that just after I posted it and he called straight afterwards and asked if I was ok. hahaha I actually just felt like typing a letter to my boss, which I didn't intend really sending. It was just for theraputic purposes. Anyway, it just kinda snowballed, and I swear I felt so good after I'd finished it. I highly recommend it. Cheers!