Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ah, Life....

Mercury is retrograde until around 12 August. In other words, on a cosmic level, expect communications to be delayed or screwed up. If you have felt since June that you are often missing the point - blame Mercury. Not a good time to make big decisions or start new projects, but an excellent time to catch up on filing and admin and to review and reflect on your progress. Confusion and fuzzy headedness may prevail - as well as arguments. Geminis especially need to watch out during this time - take care not to overspend and be nice to your family and don't start arguments. (Hang on, I'm a Gemini...)

I have felt the retrograde influence. My essay for the OU was delayed, getting stuff sorted out at work has been going slow and I have been misreading and misinterpreting information left, right and centre. Not fun.

I've started reading *asterisk's blog and came across some interesting stuff regarding MySpace and other internet publishing through a link on this post. Indeed interesting and worth a read.

My first DangerDykes comic strip is up. If you click on the picture you'll see it better. There will be more.

Also... readers of my fiction may be interested to know that a little surprise is in stall (in stall?? there's that Mercury influence for you. I meant in STORE) for them. I'll keep you posted. Nothing as dramatic as being published or anything - just a little bit of fun that's shaping up really well. Watch this space!

And since I am being random, today, I must comment on one bizarre thing that bothers me. String vests. There doesn't really seem to be much purpose to them and very few people can carry it off. Just thought I might throw that out there...


  1. DangerDykes is looking good. Although, if I may be so bold, one of them seems more keen to be back than the other! Guess I've got some "back issues" to check out to get a bit of history on the girls...

    Thanks for the shout-out.

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  2. DangerDykes looks good! Yay for you.

    I've been missing the point for years, but hey, I can blame the last month on Mercury. Cool. :)

  3. Hey, they look sexy and fun......but I couldn't read the captions. I want to blame Mercury, but maybe I need my reading glasses(its too fuzzy)