Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh My God! It's a MEME!

I've been wanting to write a lighthearted post for a while because I think I've ranted way too much and * (asterisk) handed me the perfect opportunity. So, without further ado, here's the meme:

Five Things in My Freezer
1. Half a bag of fake chicken aka Quorn pieces
2. Bag of frozen vegetables
3. 3 pieces of frozen fish
4. A box of Tesco's own veggie burgers
5. Half a bag of Morrison's own chicken nuggets, which Kate says are positively vile

Five Things in My Closet
1. Too many pairs of shoes to count
2. My favourite Chinese style coat and other items of clothing
3. Suitcases
4. Winter duvets and blankies
5. A little TV we never use

Five Things in My Car
1. A big rainbow coloured umbrella on the backseat
2. A bag for my rubbish
3. A little Peterborough map book
4. Winter gloves in the cubby hole (glove compartment for those who don't speak English)
5. A bag of cat litter in the boot I forgot to take out last night

Five Things in My Purse
1. A book called "The Four Agreements Companion Book" by Don Miguel Ruiz
2. A fold up umbrella (I was told to carry an umbrella everwhere I go in the UK)
3. My appointment book without any appointments in it
4. My Mslexia magazine
5. My Art of Living Magazine

I am not tagging anyone. Pick this up if you want it - just leave me a comment to let me know you have.


  1. I desperately need to get some cat litter, and there you are with some just chillin' out in the boot. Oh well...

  2. oooh I like "cubby hole" better.

    I think I already did this meme or one like it a while back.

  3. Two umbrellas, always be prepared? I own none now after I broke one the other day, snapped the thing in half because it fell into my leg and did a disproportionate amount of damage to my shin - would have been less painful if I'd dropped a knife or brick on it.

  4. Hi Tanya,

    I got tagged with this one too.
    It does make for a light hearted post yet its surprisingly revealing at the same time.

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