Monday, January 01, 2007


This is Lucifer. Last night Lucifer was cuddled up to his new catnip mouse that he got for Christmas. Bless. I thought this was so sweet, I had to take a picture and post it. After about ten minutes of what looked like crazed efforts on his part, Luce gave up his battle with the mouse and decided to make friends instead. The truce, however, appears to be over, since this morning the catnip mouse is on the floor and Lucifer is at the upstairs window. Well, they said it wouldn' t last...

Each year I choose a song to be my theme tune for the year. This year it is No More Looking Over My Shoulder (by the lovely Kate and one of my favourite tunes).

I've come up with quite a few goals, but ultimately, whatever I do in 2007 I want to do it with a child-like sense of wonder, enthusiasm, joy and curiosity. I want to live each day in the NOW and have a year that has far more laughter than tears. It's what I wish for everyone out there. I wish everyone intense happiness and triumph over all obstacles.

Here are my goals and determinations for 2007, if anyone is interested:

* create 4 paintings up to exhibition standard so that I can join the Welland Valley Artists' Society
* Go to a couple of lifedrawing classes
* Cartoons: regular Dangerdykes
* Come up with some designs and stick them onto something to sell on cafepress

* write 10 minutes a day minimum (blogging doesn't count)
* Write and submit two further short stories
* Look into getting some freelance work


* I want to look after my health and honour my body. I'm not going to diet. I am just going to eat healthy and be more active and treat my body with the respect it deserves.

* I really want to improve my financial situation, so I am going to pay more attention to where I direct my financial energy and avoid creating further debts (as well as find other sources of income)

* I'd like to be more aware of how I can help the environment. I will be more observant about recycling and I plan on growing my own organic veg and herbs

* Deepen my spiritual life

* Join the Tarot Association of the British Isles and begin to give readings

* Each year I decide on a reading target. In 2005 the target was 12 (I read 24), last year the target was 5 (because I was studying, but I managed 6) and 2007's target is 10

* I would really like to visit my Dad in March if I can.

Feel free to share yours. Much light and love to you all! Have a wonderful 2007!


  1. Happy New Year, petal. Here's to a fab 2007, full of love and serenity.

    Your resolutions are cool. I think blogging should count towards your daily writing target, though... why not? It's creative, it's insightful, it forces you to consider issues from several point of view... And then, if you do include it, you could up that figure to 30 minutes a day. Hurrah!

    Gorgeous Lucifer looks worn out after the New Year's revels!

  2. Wow, Tanya, that is a shitload of resolutions! Good luck with that.

    I have long since given up on officially stating resolutions, but I think we all could stand to look after our bodies a little better, so I'm down with that.

    Luce does look cool. Bless him.

    Have a great '07.

  3. Red: I will certainly consider your suggestion about blogging

    * - well, they're more like goals than resolutions. I set goals each year rather than resolving to do stuff. It's worked so far...