Friday, January 05, 2007

Tanya Reads The News - Again

I know. Normal service blah blah... What happened after I got to London blah blah... It's coming after the weekend, ladies. Relax.

Today, we will once again look at the news. And discuss. If you wish to, of course....

Christian Students in Legal Battle. Well. For those new to the blog, I am not Christian, although I blog for Jesus. It seems to me that people are taking things far too seriously in this country with all this politically correct bullshit. A Christian organisation that wants to have Christian members! OH THE HORROR!! Can't have that.

Now this is interesting. Scientists are fighting for the opportunity to create human/animal embryos to help with research into the use of stem cells. Stem cell use is controversial, although they are said to retard diseases such as Alzheimers and could assist quadraplegic and paraplegic patients. Sounds like The Island of Dr Moreau with a twist to me.

"You want £7.4 million for WHAT?" Civil servants are now, apparently, having consultants come in to teach them how best to use their desk space. To the supposed tune of £7.4 million. Guessing that the money would come out of the taxes we all pay (since this is for civil servants) I would object to such a blatantly ridiculous use of that money. Can you imagine the conversation at the meeting where this proposition may have been decided?

"Bob, we have £7.4m spare cash. What should we do with it?"

"Put it into the NHS, perhaps, improve health services?"

"Nah. Been done."

"I know - we can use the money to build homeless shelters or low cost housing!"

"They've got charities for that shit."

"Well... how about we use the money to hire in consultants to show government workers how to keep their desks tidy!"


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