Friday, December 01, 2006

I hate December.

Bastard strapped-for-cash month. Arse.

This month, after doing my budget, I have calculated I have:

I have £ 30 (US $58 - ZAR 420) left over for emergencies. (Or to spend on myself should no emergencies arise.)

This so totally sucks.

That's it. That's all I have for December. After all my bills, groceries and the few Christmas gifts I can afford to buy. Like I am going to get myself to South Africa on this kind of budget, right?

I am kicking myself for not having a degree or some amazing qualification that gets me to do some fantastic job. I am angry that I allowed a stupid bastard use me for money and leave me in debt. I am tired of spending the last 6 years of my life worrying about money. AAAARRRRRRGGHHH!!!

My sister is thinking of getting my dad a nurse to take care of him during the night and I will have to conrtibute to that.

Will someone PLEASE give me the winning lottery numbers?

Hate bloody December!

(The rant is now over. Normal programming will resume shortly.)


  1. Allow me to second this rant! I'm sick of being in debt and sick of having no discretionary funds!

    We're actually in the negative, on a regular basis.

    Happy Holidays, indeed.


    Let us try to keep our chins up (otherwise, we will drown)

  2. Like Crafty, I'm often in the negative as well (overdraft, credit cards). I have a degree but am not making great money, I don't own a car, and don't own my own home. Stupid student loans that I'll be paying off until I'm 40-something...

    Have you used your lucky numbers from *A yet? I tried on one of our lottos the other day and failed miserably. however, there's another draw this weekend and i'm playing them again. WOo hoo. I've told *A that I'll split it with him if we win. If that happens, I'll send you to SA to visit your dad.

  3. I know what you mean. I keep thinking, if I can just make it through the holidays things will smooth out and I can afford that divorce I've always wanted. ;)

  4. heh. I am sooo close to seconding Kats notion. :(

    And i am in the red too. Just had yet another fight on why a BUDGET is calle da god damn budget! frikken red.