Thursday, August 17, 2006

Taking A Little Break...

Greetings, faithful readers

I have decided to take a little break from the blogosphere. I have quite a lot of work that needs doing for my course, and I have also begun to feel like blogging has started to take over my life a bit. I mean, you know it's bad when you DREAM you are sitting in front of a PC typing up a blog.

So I am going on a bit of a hiatus. I will consider keeping Esotericon up to date, since there are one or two people out there who find the information useful, but otherwise I plan to lurk for an indefinite amount of time.

I'll probably swing by the blogs I read regularly once in a while, though and add the odd movie or book review to my own blog. I am, however, contemplating the value of placing so much of myself into the world as I have been, so I may just end up making the blog less personal. Who knows. I need time to just be away from blogging for a bit. And who knows? It might just give me the creative energy I need to write another short story.

Well, actually, there is a short story in the works, but I'll put an update on here as soon as it's available. But for now, Start Wearing Purple is going to be a little quieter.



  1. I'll miss you. I know exactly what you mean about blogging taking over though. Hope it's not a permanent break!

  2. Nooooooooooo!

    Well, you do what you've gotta do, Tanya. Hope to have you back soon, though.

  3. I'll miss your posts, but it happens. :)

  4. I will miss you too, Tanya.
    I hope you come by my blog when you have time and comment whenever you feel like it.
    I have really enjoyed your input and hope that you come back real soon!
    love and best wishes, J.

  5. You have to take care of you first, darlin', and choose what you need and want in your life. I'll miss your posts, too, but I'd rather you be well. :)