Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Moon in Scorpio

Today and tomorrow, the moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio's influence affects our sexual organs and urinary tract. Anything you do on Scorpio days to benefit these areas of the body will be more powerful, while anything you do to the detriment of these areas will be more harmful. The energy of the Scorpio day can feel menacing to some people. Scorpio days bring dreams and visions that have a strong psychic element and expect to uncover hidden emotions. Scorpio days are great for getting your finances in order or for self examination. For the creative types, Scorpio days are brilliant for research and for digging deeper into the creative work you are engaged in. If you fancy a bit of decluttering, Scorpio days are great for it. Failing that, wait for the waning and new moon as this period is also great for getting rid of old things.

As with all water sign days, do not air your bed covers and duvets as they may still retain some of the moisture even if they do feel dry.

The moon is waxing at the moment, reaching full moon on 8 August.


  1. Tanya darling, this has been ever so helpful! I've been feeling the need to do a bit of simplifying. Seems this might be the day to get a start on it!

  2. A bit of decluttering is exactly what I'm up to at the moment. I even bought a shredder yesterday so I can finally get rid of (and recycle - don't worry little eco-friendly bunnies!) all my old account statements that I've been hoarding for YEARS in various cupboards...

  3. I love this!

    You are going to keep doing this for us, aren't you? I've always wanted to be in tune with it, but don't have the knack for keeping up with it. :)

  4. Raynwomaan and Dori: Indeed, Scorpio has inspired loads of people to declutter today. Also, anytime during the waning moon will be fab.

    Kat: Indeed I hope to continue this astro stuff. I have been emailling it to various friends for a while and figured I should just stick it on my blog. I am, however, considering your (??? or someone else's) suggestion for adding and astro blog to my collection.

  5. Yes, I really appreciate these insights into the moon.
    Thankyou Tanya.
    And I definitely need to de-clutter. And Dori has inspired me to check the prices on shredders.

  6. Well, having a blog just for the astrological info would be useful for staying organized, I suppose. It's interesting to find it on here, though, as it gives a bit of insight into what's on your mind in relation to the other posts you do.

    Absolutely lovely, Tanya darling! :)