Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blog Review - Why Do You Read Some of the Blogs You Have on Your Sidebar?

I just invented this. Choose 5 blogs you read regularly from your side bar and tell the world why they turn you on so much. Maybe that way we all get to discover something new and exciting. I'm not tagging anyone. You want to play along... go right ahead. Just let me know that you have so I can go over and look at your blogs of interest.

In no particular order:

Ah, Yes Medical School - I found this by chance. A medical student, who calls himself The Fake Doctor, records his anecdotes on life as a med student. I enjoy the humour and this glimpse into a different life. I recommend it mainly because it's a little something different.

Miss Snark, the Literary Agent - I love Miss Snark. This literary agent pulls no punches and applies her acerbic wit to the questions posed by her 'snarklings'. Good advice, clever lady. I recommend it because it's useful to writers.

Here's To Happy Women - Teri writes an essay each week on a variety of topics. Funny, interesting and intelligently written stuff. It's my Friday afternoon treat to read her work. Recommended because I truly enjoy her writing AND her philosophy.

Yogabeans - This is hysterical! Elasticgirl demonstrates yoga positions using plastic action figures. With a running commentary. I know it's not on my sidebar yet, but that's just because I haven't put it there yet. Recommended for humour and originality.

Life in Antarctica - Also not on the sidebar as it's newly discovered by me. Fascinating look into life on McMurdo station in Antarctica. Recommended because it provides a glimpse into a 'new' world.


  1. Cool idea. Perhaps I will have a go too.

  2. Oh, gosh... I read everything by everyone on my sidebar, and then some others in my bookmarks. They all have things I like about them, and I feel by picking five I'd be doing a disservice to all the others. I'll check out those on your list, though.

  3. Yeah - I see the error of my ways. All the blogs I read are superb. I guess I just want to enourage an introduction to new ideas from other blogs. Ah well.

  4. I don't read many blogs (when I do they tend to be people I know, but mostly they're MINI-centric).

    What I do do is look at other people's photos on a regular basis. It's like blogging, but with images.

    My contacts ( are widespread - some MINI folks, some web folks and a couple of really good photographers.

    Same but different.