Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Work Thing

Tempiong at the moment. Boring shit. I can't wait to get a job that's worthy of me. I have spent so much time doing naff shit. I am still grateful I have work, though.

Tomorrow is The Big Interview at Your Cat Magazine. This is The One. I am going all out, pulling out all the stops, wearing make up, doing my hair, even giving myself a manicure. I want this job SO BAD I can taste it. And it tastes good.

I wasn't nervous about the other interviews. I am nervous about this one. Man, this is my dream job. Part of me is afraid I won't get it. Part of me is afraid that I WILL get it and then proceed to make an arse out of myself.

I am chanting constantly for this job. I read recently that we should go for things 100% and if we don't get it, we should view it as protection from a grave error. Well, I hope the shoten zenjin are working in my best interests here. I would so love this job. It has Tanya O written all over it. In caps. Bold. And in rainbow colours.

Wish me luck.


  1. All my best, most positive thoughts for you tomorrow! Good luck sweetie!

  2. Tanya.... YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Of course I'll be chanting for you too x

  3. Go Tanya, go Tanya, go Tanya!!!

  4. How was the interview, T? We had fingers crossed for you here.

  5. So, how did it go? Can we uncross our fingers now? (I'm getting cramps...) ;)