Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today: A Meme.

This comes from Chris. You've got to choose 10 words with a letter given to you by the person who had the meme before you. I am not continuing the meme, but here are my 10 words.

Extraordinary - what a weird word this is. It means 'exceptional', yet if you break it down you get "extra ordinary". That doesn't say exceptional to me.

Ecstacy - as in ecstatically joyful and the OMG-oh-yeah-baby-earth-moving kind of way. I like to do both. Often.

Endorphins - happy hormones

Elephant - a large animal found in India and Africa and zoos the world over. I hate zoos.

Elves - members of the faere folk who dance in the garden

Experience - the greatest teacher

Equilibrium - balance. A good place to be.

Ergo - a fancy word meaning 'therefore'

Erotic - with a feather, not the chicken

Explore - as my dad says, explore everything and keep only what's good.


  1. Great words! Endorphins, ecstacy, and erotic all in one meme. :)

  2. I see your style of thinking... even if I don't quite understand the game!

  3. No kidding! Excellent words. Ergo made me think of a funny story a history professor once told me about being in a store where they sold exercise equipment. The salesperson pointed out an "ergometer" and my teacher asked, "Does it measure thusness?" LOL.


    Is this on?

    Great words, Tanya! :)

  4. Well then, reading the comment that Chris left had me wondering about ergonomics...

    Never mind. I'll keep the geek factor to a minimum.

    Excellent words... extraordinary - could that be your basic 'average joe'?

  5. "Thusness"... HA HA HA - that cracked me up Chris! ;>