Sunday, May 14, 2006

I Miss.... Everyone....

I got onto the train to Leicester yesterday for my first OU tutorial and a group of Morris Dancers got onto the train with me - fully decked out, bells jingling, flowers in their hats. I have nothing against Morris Dancers and I am yet to find out why English people regard them with a degree of contempt.

I worked with a guy once who told me that his dad offered him some sage advice on his 21st birthday and it was this: "Son, do not try Morris Dancing or sodomy."

Seems a bit random to me, but it did make me wonder what was wrong with the much maligned Morris Dancers.

The tutorial went quite well, I must say. I realised that I wasn't as stupid as I thought I was, which is a very good thing. Or at least, it's a step in the right direction.

I feel incredibly lonely today. Kate is down in London, working her rather sexy little butt off and will be going off on a little four-day holiday tomorrow with a friend. That means I don't get to see her until 24 May.

I have just been checking my email and Dori has sent me some of the photos from her wedding celebrations and the sense of disconnectedness I have been trying to stave off has stung me really hard. I miss EVERYONE.

I have missed weddings and new babies. I have not been there to be the proverbial shoulder to cry on. I've missed Champagne cocktails and birthday celebrations. I have missed every single one of my friends in South Africa.

This incredibly deep sense of longing was triggered by the arrival of the photos in my inbox and a desire to hook up with a friend for coffee today. The realisation that anyone I would prefer to be sharing my company with today is in South Africa has only served to highlight my loneliness overall. It is now hovering over my head shining like a neon sign.

This, I suppose, has absolutely nothing to do with Morris dancing.


  1. Or maybe it does. Perhaps interacting with Morris Dancers causes uncontrollable melancholy, and that is why everyone hates them so much. ;)

    Sorry to hear you're so lonely. If I weren't all the way across the ocean, I'd have coffee with you today.

    Wait, that's not really helping, is it? ;)

  2. What the bleep is Morris Dancing???

    Miss you lots too! :(