Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Common Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus) aka Torturer of Cat

The common wood pigeon (Columba palumbus), is meant to be a docile, timid creature, unlike the common house cat (Felix domesticus), which is bold and quirky with a strong murderous streak. With odds like these, one would expect that Common Wood Pigeon is most likely to find itself served as pigeon souffle for Common House Cat. Unless, of course, Common House Cat is Noodle and Common Wood Pigeon is the great big creature that delights in tormenting her. For purposes of identification, I have decided to name Common Wood Pigeon, Jack.

Noodle, a member of a secret society of feline ninjas, takes great pleasure in dragging a variety of small animals in to our home in various states of life - and death. (See ......). Not being a particularly large cat, Noodle brings in nothing bigger than a blackbird. (Unlike her sister Mischa who has once brought home - and devoured - a small gray baby rabbit). The wood pigeon - Jack - is probably the same size as Noodle.

For the past few weeks, wherever Noodle has been in the garden, this pigeon would turn up to plague her. It sits on the telephone wires and coos down to her. It lights on a tree or the shed roof. It perches on our house or the neighbour's. Each time, it bobs its little head, calls to Noodle and waits for her. Once she notices the bird, she goes into stalking mode or "I really wanna kill that thing" mode. Her tail twitches, ears go back and she makes strange mewling noises. Her whole body shakes. All the while her attention is on this wood pigeon. Every time she gets near it, it takes off, lighting on a branch marfinally further away or flying to another roof...

Recently, things have taken a more sinister turn, with Jack appearing in the llama field behind our house. We noticed this when Noodle sat transfixed at the llama window, body shaking and mewling. Inspection revealed Jack, about two feet from the window, walking casually up and down, head bobbing as he went.

This has clearly caused much distress to Noodle. She dreams of catching wood pigoens - her body twitches, whiskers bristling and paws grab air.

Kate and I will not be at all surprised to return home one day to find Jack's corpse presented for us on the living room floor.

Got to love cats, eh?

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  1. And when the day arrives, Noodle will be impossible to live with after that! :)