Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here's a morbid little exercise for you:

Visit THIS LINK and calculate how old you'll be when you die. I will be 78. Leave your death age in my comment thingy.


  1. A little morbid, and quite interesting. My life expectancy is 88 years. And I found out that my BMI is now down to 26! Two years ago, it had gotten up to 30.

    Thanks, Tanya! :)

  2. 92.4 years! Woohoo! I am the immortal bastard! I will never die!

  3. 90.4 - uggh that is a long time...

  4. I got 92.8! I'm gonna be a mean old fart too, like Sofia on the Golden Girls! lol

  5. Mine is 87.4 years. That means I have 53.8 years left to live. However, because I am underweight I'm apparently at risk of dying soon and the BBC advised me to contact the medical profession immediately.

    I think I'll pass. I also think that I probably won't live that long as there was no questions that dealt with recreational drug use. This is something I partake in, recreationally of course.

    Just don't tell my Mum.

    purplesimon out...

  6. My life expectancy is 90.2 years - if that comes true I would have done WAY better than my grandparents and great aunts and uncles who never made it into their 80s!