Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I have just spoken to a vet in a city 22 miles from where I live. They have Lucifer.
How he got to Peterborough, I will never know, but a lady in that city found him wandering round her house. She took him in and then decided to have him spayed. (Yes, spayed - she thought he was female.) After spending his time on the operating table, the vet discovered he was male. Checking with the lady, she discovered that she had only had the cat 3 weeks and that she had found him.
The vet asked if she would mind if she checked for a microchip. The lady agreed and voila! It's LUCIFER!
I am so happy!! I am leaving work early and I am off to Peterborough to collect Luce tonight!!!
Thanks to all of you who offered your prayers and chanting - especially you, Chris.


  1. Yay!!! So glad to hear this. Kitties do travel don't they...

    P.S. Considering the whole spaying thing, maybe he should have a nickname - Luciferina?

  2. Or little Miss Lucifer....

  3. I think you should just call him Lucy. ;)

    YAY!! He's back! And, wow! What an adventure he's had! The other cats are going to be so jealous when he tells them about it! :)

  4. Yay! Kitty is back! Now I'm thinking I should have all my pets microchipped!

    You should write a story of what might have taken him that far!

  5. Tanya, I'm so relieved for you!

    As it turns out, chanting for a cat's safe return is the perfect way to get started! :)

    The story that Lucifer will tell the other cats - that's what I'd like to hear!

  6. Incredible, so happy for you!!!

    The power of Daimoku!!!