Friday, April 13, 2007


It is now time for me to get my head out of the clouds and pick my heart up off the floor and put out an update.

One Week Challenge

The one week challenge (to draw or paint something every day for a week) was derailled by circumstances beyond my control. What I like to call the Oh Fuck or Oh My God principal. (By definition, these means that something shitty has happened and I am running about like a blue arsed chicken). I will, however, try to do the challenge this coming week.

La Casa della Corpse

There have been several wild life tragedies in the past four days. This kind of thing happens when you share your home with 5 serial killers. In the past four days, we have had the pleasure of removing several corpses: four field mice, two birds and one (bizarrely) dead leaf. We know that Zak was responsible for the deaths of two field mice (and judging by the fact he was looking a bit off colour, he most likely ate a third) and that Noodle was responsible for one bird and one field mouse. Oh the bloody joys of bloody spring.

Kate Plays the Drums... Again...

Kate's been playing the drums again. She's put a video up on her blog. Go along and have a look and leave a comment.

The Job Hunt

The employment agencies have told me that it's a quiet period. I have sent CVs out all over the place. And today, I am applying for an ambitious position: that of sub-editor for THIS magazine. I cannot imagine a job better suited to me than this. Still trying to remain positive, but the past few days have been difficult ones. I am sure that things will work out. Time and sweat.


It would be so easy for me to fall into the life sucks mode right now. That's not going to accomplish anything and it's certainly not the person I've become. Sansho shima, we call it in Nichiren Buddhism. Obstacles thrown up by the devils and demons, which, in Buddhism, are really your own inner negativity and not actually real boogeymen like in Christianity.

The fact that so much has changed in just a short space of time does demand a price, though. Needless to say that under the circumstances both Kate and I are doing well and we are not being nasty about things. In fact, we're getting on better now than we did together! There is no anger there. And that makes things easier.


  1. Chickens have blue bottoms? How odd. And the fact that you know this is very interesting, what are you doing staring at the back end of a chicken??? ;)

    You're dealing with all these major changes so well! I'm sad that you and Kate have seperated but the fact that you're getting along so well now and that things are amicable is good to hear.

  2. Good luck with the sub ed post - fab mag. - meow to you! It is also nice to hear that you are bravely managing to keep your spirit positive, going through everything you are - good on you!

  3. Wow - that job really is purrfect for you... right up your alley(cat)! ;>

    Sorry - that was weak!

    Shika killed a mouse last night and left half the corpse on our bedroom floor - and it's not even Spring!