Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Madness

Kate and I got up late on both Saturday and Sunday. I didn't have the time to do my Dangerdykes updates, although I did get some cards done.

I had my very first shopping experience at Toys 'R' Us.

I realised very quickly, upon entering this magic cavern of delights, that it's a place that is probably best visited without child in tow. We got to hear much whingeing, tantrums and crying, not to mention one parent yelling at the top of her lungs that she was "not going to stand for that kind of behaviour in a shop filled with people!!"


After locating gifts for our youngest niece, Ayla, we sauntered along the aisles, just looking.

Then it happens. Kate spots the new range of (*shudder*) furbies.

Kate asked, "Do you want to get a furbie?"

I replied, "Do you want to get a divorce?"

Furbie avoided, we congratulated ourselves on our good purchases and left the store. I think we were the only ones to come out unscathed as we didn't have any children begging and screaming and making scenes.

I love being an auntie.


  1. Being an auntie is the best job ever! And when the kids get to be too much to handle, back to mum and dad they go!

    Toys'R'Us is a child's heaven. It's not too shabby for us who are still kids at heart too!

    Is Kate back for a while now?

  2. Karen - Kate only comes home for 4 days at a time, so she is probably heading down the A1 to London as we speak...

  3. Being an uncle is cool, too. So much better than being a parent! And Toys 'R' Us rocks! I've not been in one for years, but I used to love going to the one in Gloucester and stopping off for a Whopper on the way back home. My boss and I would go together. Comic-book geeks, y'know.

  4. Oh, you are VERY astute! Toy stores and Toy sections are best avoided with children in tow. I read mine the riot act before we go in: "Do NOT get the "I wants"! We are NOT buying toys!!!"

    I'm a mean Mama. I'm a mean, mean Mama. :)

    Being an aunt is fun! And congrats on the avoided Furbie! :/ Could there BE a creepier invention?