Friday, November 24, 2006

The Killing of Sister George

Dreadfully over-acted. Undertones of psycho-sado-masochism.

The story revolves around the relationship between "George" and her lover, "Alice". When George finds out she is being axed from a soap opera that's become her lifeblood, she goes a little potty, but you get the feeling she was a little potty to begin with.

See the women smiling in the poster to the left? They don't do much smiling in the film.

The film was originally based on a play and was meant to be taken lightly. However, the film version didn't cast a favourable light on lesbians. And I have a feeling that the blame for all the crap lesbian movies ever made should be laid squarely at this film's front door. Director Robert Aldrich portrays lesbians as completely psychotic or immature, alcoholic, bad tempered, badly behaved and only after sex.

While I am sure there are some out there, it is rather unfortunate that this stereotype has stuck.

It's rubbish, but I will admit that I have seen worse rubbish than this.

On the lesbian movie rating scale, where 1 is the oh-so-dire Claire of the Moon and 10 being the intriguing and dark Fingersmith, this film scores a generous 3.

Unless you want to satisfy your curiosity about early lesbian movies, don't waste your time.


  1. Never seen it, and I must say it's never really been on my must-see list. You've not done much to change that, Tanya.

  2. Well... it would be a waste of time if you did see it.