Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vampires and Sore Throats

My sister and I love vampire movies. The cheesier, the better.

There was an advertisement on South African TV years and years ago for Strepsils, the sore throat lozenges. The setting was Dracula's cave and a suitably cheesy Dracula stood over a half conscious beauty layed out on a stone slab. So Drac tells us about Strepsils and how it's good for "dee coff, dee hoarse voice... and my own perrrsonal favourite..." here he brushes the woman's neck and she moans softly, "dee sore traawt."

Now, every time I have a sore throat, like today, I think of the Strepsils Vampire and have a little giggle. Cheers me right up. I don't know what should disturb me more: the fact that I remember this advert VERBATIM or that I think of vampires when I have a sore throat.

So, in completely random fashion, my thoughts led me from sore throat to vampires to vampire movies, to my sister and I enjoying vampire movies.

We particularly liked Frank Langella as Dracula, even though Christopher Lee is the undisputed king of Dracula portrayal. I loved Buffy until it got stupid and have watched as many vampire movies as I could. I wonder what that says about me, really? I even enjoy the spoof vampires and cartoon vampires.

I've written a vampire story, which a friend of mine is publishing in his horror magazine. I've written several vampire stories, in fact.

Right. I am rambling so I will stop here. I'm off to find some "sootheeeng Strepsils" for my "sore traawt."


  1. I Lurve vampires too - they are darkly erotic. As a girl, I swooned over Bela Lugosi, he was the mysteriously tall, dark, evil stranger complete with foreign accent - mmm, deliciously seductive.

  2. I love me some vampires. when i was a kid my mom was a little worried because i wanted to be a vampire when i grew up. lol....

    I loved Buffy. Except that season with Riley and the military crap. That was the dumbest thing ever. Especially for a vampire show.

    And you wrote some stuff on vampires?? when do we get to read it?