Monday, November 27, 2006

DR.ALBAN FEAT YAMBOO - Sing hallelujah 2005

Brings back memories. I found this sooooped up version on Youtube. It always makes me think of the art room, Dori, smoking cigarettes in the art room with the art teacher and, of course, Tony Delport who used to insist we listen to his Dr Alban tapes while we worked. The only good school memory I can say I have.


  1. I love it! Beautiful and a great beat. Woo hoo. Suddenly I feel like dancing...where are the cats?

  2. Wasn't Dr Alban like a Swedish dentist or something?

  3. Red: Indeed he was. He did the music thing in order to finance his dentistry studies and even practiced as a dentist for a while before fame and fortune tore him away from the life of staring into the mouths of terrified people. I know which job I would rather have.

    Did you know that suicide rates amongst dentists are very high?

  4. I daren't click it. I remember that song "It's My Life" too well. Or whatever it was called. Fuck! Now it's in my head.

  5. damn *!!! it's in my head now too.. lol!

    this is a good song though. love the dancey vide ~*~dance~*~

    ~/ \~

  6. I wasn't aware of the high suicide rates among dentists. But I am impressed by your seemingly more-than-casual knowledge of all things Dr Alban...

    WV: Arsinho
    (say it with a Brazilian accent and it's too cute!)

  7. * - He he... my work here is done!

    xmichra - enjoy, enjoy! It's going to get stuck in your head too!

    Red - ..... erm.......