Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Here's a meme I picked up from Chris. I am not tagging anyone, but feel free to do the meme if you so wish...

I know ~ that love is the absolute truth.
I believe ~ that everything happens for a reason - there is no random
I fought ~ myself until I realised I was my greatest ally
I am angered ~ by intolerance and discrimination
I love ~ Kate, our cats, my family, my friends and Corky the hamster
I need ~ the occasional bunch of flowers or box of chocolates
I take ~ a lot of crap without fighting back
I hear ~ that Robbie Williams is cued to play Frank N Furter in a Rocky Horror remake
I drink ~ water, mostly.
I hate ~ dentists
I use ~ food as a source of comfort
I want ~ to be seven again
I decided ~ to reveal my true potential
I like ~ the beach at sunset
I am ~ weird, in a friendly way
I feel ~ fundamentally happy 99% of the time
I left ~ South Africa in 1998
I do ~ a lot of housework
I hope ~ I am a good friend
I dream ~ very bizarre dreams - sometimes in cartoons
I drive ~ a white Nissan Micra that will one day need replacing
I listen ~ to my soul
I type ~ 65 words a minute
I think ~ way too much
I wish ~ that one day Kate and I win the lottery and can open our cat sanctuary
I compensate ~ for my insecurities by making self-deprecating jokes
I regret ~ not standing up to my mother about my career choice
I care ~ deeply
I should ~ stop procrastinating
I am not always ~ focussed
I said ~ too much
I wonder ~ if anyone cares about what I've written
I changed ~ my whole life by changing my attitude
I cry ~ at the sad bits in movies
I am not ~ a victim
I lose ~ my way sometimes
I leave ~ things till the last minute


  1. I love these things. We learn such neat things about each other.

  2. I tink this meme is my favorite. Or perhaps I'm reading the answers of some of my favorite bloggy friends, and I've been out of the loop so long that it's just that much better... anyway, this was beautiful, Tanya.