Monday, June 25, 2007

Mercury is Retrograde, Full Moon Approaches...Time Marches On.

Almost there. La Casa is almost cleared of its clutter and furniture. There are no more pictures on the wall and the cats are gone. I am not sad. La Casa della Lesbica will always be wherever I am. It's my spirit. Admittedly, when i get to South Africa, all I will have is La Camera della Lesbica, but it's still the same spirit.

2 weeks, 5 days.

The time has gone by quickly, yet there are parts that seemed to have slowed down to allow months of living to take place in single moments. In just three weeks, I have longed, I have dreamed, I have loved and I have found my centre. I have, in a space of a few months, travelled through years, discovered secret gateways into my soul. I have both lost and found. I've invoked the power of the Universe and conversed with the dead. I have cut my ties and I have formed new ones. I was broken and then I became whole.

I feel I have lived an entire life in the space of just 6 months.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer at the moment and this forces us to consider our emotional attachments and relationships. I certainly have done much thinking about this. I regret to say that I have no conclusions to draw as yet. Whenver Mercury is retrograde, it creates havoc with travel plans, communications and new projects. Never a good time to start something new when Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury turns direct again on 9 July.

Still, I am happy. I have not felt this confident or comfortable with the woman I am, ever. This is good.


  1. Feeling really good for you, and SO looking forward to having you home!

  2. That's it? Just 2 weeks? Oh my goodness...

  3. There has been so much change in your life, but it's good to know that you are in a good place now. Look forward to reading your SA blog from the Camera della Lesbica!

  4. boo-whoo 2 weeks :0(

    Yaaaay 2 weeks :0(

    Does that sum up how I feel??

    Are we still on for next weekend?

  5. Ahhh Tanya, how excitng!
    I am inspired by how you've emabraced it ALL.

    oh, and thanks for the heads up about Mercury....I wondered what was going on cosmically in my life.

  6. Change is good, even though it doesn't always feel that way at first. But you know that already.