Friday, April 28, 2006


Lucifer has gone missing. I am beside myself and so is Kate. He was last seen on the morning of the 26th. I've asked neighbours, got them to open up their sheds and garages, but there is no Luce. I have chanted for his save return. I have prayed to St Francis. I have prayed to Bast.

Now I have printed out LOST posters and the only picture I have of Luce where he has his eyes open is one in which he looks a little evil.

Tinkie was very distressed the first night he was gone. Luce NEVER misses a meal and nor does he go out at night.

I phoned the vet as well. No one has brought in a cat fitting his description and the nurse did suggest that perhaps he was enjoying the spring air. Apparently having male cats neutered is no guarantee that they won't stray, though I would have thought that living with 2 humans at your beck and call was not reason enough to stay.

I have cried myself to sleep. I have been really upset and so has Kate.

You have to understand - Kate and I are in all likelihood NEVER going to have children. Our cats are our children and they get spoiled rotten. I have vowed to live a life in which I deal with all my karma so that I may be rewarded with life as a cat with one of my relatives - it's a magic world of diamante kitty bling collars, kitty treats and warms beds in front of the fire...

SO.... Please send out prayers to whatever deity you worship or the Cosmos, or chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo for my little Lucifer's safe return. I would be ETERNALLY grateful.


  1. This advice from my sister:

    "...If he wants to wander he must if he returns it is because he belongs. If he has not returned he is needed elsewhere...
    But I feel he is coming back, Struggle dissapears now and again for three days at a time and remember Sunshine..?"

    NOTE: Struggle is one of my sister's cat and Sunshine was a cat she had when we were kids who disappeared for months at a time.

  2. Awwwww. I'm sure he will be back soon. He probably just got wander fever.

  3. He's gone llama-hunting, darling. He's decided it's time for that oven-fried llama.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts, that Lucifer comes home (never thought I'd be wishing Lucifer on a friend :), and that you get your mind in a better place.


  4. Has kitty come home yet?