Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Assailed by The Devil King of the Sixth Heaven...

My life force had to be picked up from the floor this morning. It made sticky "schlock" noise as I prised it from the carpet before picking out the debris. I stuffed it into my solar plexus where it belongs, but it's currently sloshing around my lower bowel feeling sorry for itself.

So: not feeling that great about myself today.

It's so easy to allow negativity to march right in and take over. It seems like a far easier option to stick up the white flag instead of fighting it out with the Devil King and giving him the one fingered salute while he surrenders.

Some days it just seems easier to let him win. Easier to buy into the dazzling illusions he projects and say, "Sure, I AM a loser. I give up."

And yeah, it's an effort today to look at myself in the mirror and like who I see. It's tougher than usual to feel my Buddhahood. But I remind myself that this is not about my job, or relationship, or the cats, or the house - it's about me not seeing my true potential and buying into the illusion.

The difference is that now I am aware of it, so I can change my state.


  1. I've done battle with that old bastard myself, many times. Keep fighting. You're better than he is, sweetie. :)

  2. Days like that are tough. You just have to shove through it and find yourself again. I am confident that you will feel better soon!